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Clinton Cosmos' Last Perfect Day
Main on End Title Sequence (2023)

My goal for this title sequence was experimentation. I wanted to embrace the chaos of the story and try anything and everything to bring this film to an end that doesn't leave the audience bummed about the end of the world. I had a lot of fun with this process, especially in hiding a bunch of easter eggs that share the same sense of humor as the film.

Film tagline: With only hours left before a meteor destroys the earth and one final goal on his bucket list, suburban rockstar Clinton Cosmos must rally his best friends to play the last concert on earth. Unfortunately for Clinton, they have other plans. Watch as Clinton battles with his friends and the universe to have his last perfect day.


original sketches + ideation


original style frame 1

I realized that my original style frames struggled a bit with legibility, so I reworked them to be made of completely handwritten type with digital effects. I wrote out all the type a bunch and then scanned them in to achieve a very tactile look.

The opening uses stop-motion(ish) techniques to create a natural texture. I printed out the final frames of the film and crumpled them on top of a scanner. The collages were made out of found elements that I stitched together.

original style frame 2

frame by frame elements


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