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Logo Resolve Animations

HP (2022)

My concept for this design was to capture the intersection of tradition and technology. HP prides itself on innovation, so I used paper and ink textures and the subtle CMYK color streaks to represent their origins in print, then transitioned those leading lines into their clean logo matched with a electronic driven audio track to show their current stance as leaders in the tech industry.

Tazo (2022)

The existing Tazo branding is very clean and classic, so I used smooth transitions and a minimalist style to create a sense of comfort and relaxation: everything you want from a hot cup of tea.

Amtrak (2022)

The Amtrak logo symbolizes railroad tracks stretching beyond the horizon, so I wanted to emphasize this idea of the endless possibilities of the horizon, while also representing the company's reputation for speed and getting passengers to their destination on time. I experimented with frame by frame animation to add some playfulness to the logo to show that commutes don't always have to be boring!

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